Andrews Creek Trail - Frontcountry Youth Vacation

Methow Valley Ranger District

4:00PM - 2:30PM
Sun, Jul 05 to Fri, Jul 10, 2015


The Pasayten Wilderness. Photo by Tyler LePard.

Come visit the beautiful Methow Valley with WTA. Look around at the mountains that surround you on what feels like every side. This area was the site of the Thirty Mile Fire nearly 15 years ago. It is beautiful and very open so make sure to bring your sunscreen and sunhat. The Andrews Creek Trail, where you'll be camping and working, is a multi-use trail that accesses the Pasayten Wilderness. It needs plenty of attention to get it back in tip-top shape. You and your crew will fix up the trail tread, brushing the corridor and improving the drainage. Your campground will be right on the creek, so make sure you bring your swimsuit and water shoes for afterwork fun!

We'll be car camping at the Andrews Creek Campground. Your camp will be right at the trailhead. Bring your swimsuit and water shoes to splash in the creek after work.

Tread and drainage work from Trailhead up towards Ram Creek.

Home to craggy peaks and glacial lakes, the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest features a variety of terrain that calls to all manner of outdoor enthusiasts. Despite its distance from urban centers, this extensive national forest gets plenty of visitors who flood the area each season for its stunning scenery and backcountry experiences.

In the remotest parts of Washington, the Pacific Crest Trail needs as much love at it can get. WTA is happy to provide this help, particularly in this most scenic of areas that affords hikers (and volunteers) expansive views, incredible sunsets, and plenty of solitude.

This is one of our Youth Volunteer Vacations. There is $245 fee ($205 for WTA members). You will be required to fill out an application form including your outdoors experience and medical history before we can allow you to join the trip.

This is a youth-only week-long work party. You must be under 18 years old to attend. Participants must be able to attend all days. Late arrivals and early departures are not allowed.


GPS coordinates are only approximate, please always use the written driving directions when trying to find a trail head

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